How to Make A Invisible Mannequin in Photoshop

Invisible Mannequin means showing apparel product on an invisible body, dummy or Mannequin. There is no human body, but it shows the invisible body shape. It is a vital part of e-commerce photo editing. This technical Photoshop service is used mainly in Clothing photo like t-shirt, blazer, gown etc. but most of the clothing photos user don’t know how to make an invisible mannequin in photoshop.

Though it is not a tough job, you need to know the uses of many Photoshop tools here than the other Photoshop services. No matter! This blog will help you to learn all the technique by giving a complete, easy, and step-by-step guideline including uses of various types of photoshop tools that are commonly used here.

For making an invisible mannequin effect or ghost mannequin editing there need to apply clipping path, retouching and shadow creation techniques. If you don’t know this services, don’t worry! we will show all the techniques here. Moreover, you can read the blogs regarding them in our website. We should learn What is invisible Mannequin in photoshop, before starting the main discussion.

What is an invisible Mannequin in Photoshop?

From the intro to this blog, I think you may learn a little about invisible mannequin service in Photoshop. Now it is time to know what is an invisible Mannequin in Photoshop in detail. Invisible ghost mannequin service refers to Photoshop techniques that remove the Mannequin, model’s body, hanger, dummy, or anything else from the clothing images, keeping the human body shape. After removing the unwanted part and adding the invisible part from different shots of the apparel image, it gives a 3D view of the clothing images. 3D ghost mannequin service is another name for this service. This effect provides a higher visualization of the apparel product as if the purchaser can see it standing in front of the product, not virtually. 

This service is very much crucial for the form the Amazon photo optimization as well as product listing in the various online buy-sell platforms. It has a great demand in product photo retouching and editing industries. In a word, without an invisible mannequin service the apparel photo editing services are undefined.

Remember this: “you cannot make an invisible mannequin in Photoshop from a single shot because all the parts of the apparel image are not visible in a single shot. So, you should take one shot with the Mannequin as the main part of the image and the invisible part from the other shot. In some cases, you may have to take more than two shots. For example, the sleeve, bottom, or inner part of some product cannot be covered with the two shots. If you are new to apparel photo shooting, you can see the guidelines on how to shoot apparel photos from our blog section on our website.

Which tools are necessary for making an invisible mannequin effect?

The Pen tool, eraser tool, healing brush tool, Gaussian blur tool, and Liquify tool are commonly used to make an invisible mannequin. Below are the uses and short descriptions of those tools.

Pen Tool

Pen Tools
Pen Tools

The Pen tool is essential for professionally removing image backgrounds. By hand-drawing a clipping path, you can select the outline of the images and remove the background. In ghost mannequin editing, the pen tool is very effective because you must remove unwanted objects from the clothing images along with the image background.

Eraser Tool

Eraser Tool
Eraser Tool

The Eraser tool is mainly used to fix invisible parts of images. When you need to add invisible parts to a focused image, the edges may be very hard. For this reason, the eraser tool is used here to soften the edges.

Healing Brush Tool

For retouch imperfection of the clothing images, Healing brush tool need to use. The clothing image may have damage or carry many types of imperfection. In this case, Healing brush tool is the perfect tool for touch up image.

Gaussian Blur Tool

TheGaussian blur tool is the perfect tool for adding drop shadow between the focused image and the added parts. It gives a 3D view by creating shadow between the two parts.

Liquify Tool


The liquify tool makes the image symmetrically straight. By using it, you can give the images the final touch.

Now I can say that you have learned lot of things regarding making an invisible mannequin effect in Photoshop including the uses of necessary tools for that. So, it is the time to see the magnetic part of this blog ‘How to Make an Invisible Mannequin in Photoshop?‘ We will see the step-by-step process of it. So, let’s start!

Invisible Mannequin in Photoshop Steps

Step-1: Open your Files and Generate Layers

Open your Files and Generate Layers
Open your Files and Generate Layers

Open the Photoshop and open the file from the desire folder. After oping the file create a layer from the layer panel. The shortcut key for windows is CTRL+J and for mac COMD+J. Using this shortcut key, you can create a new layer easily.

Step 2: Select the Pen tool to Select the File

Select the Pen tool to Select the File
Select the Pen tool to Select the File

There are many ways to select outline of images, but the pen tool is the professionally best way for you to select the image. Other background eraser tools are not able to give professional result. So, we will select the image outline by drawing clipping path using pen tool.

Pro tips: “Use fewer unnecessary anchor points for perfect results. Using hard anchor point is also cause of damaging images shape. Using right feather radiation is a vital thing as well.

After selecting the whole image one the new layer. Off the background layer and select the path by pressing left button of mouse and press delete button. You will see that the background and the Mannequin has been removed.

Step 3: Copy the Neck Part from the other Shot

Copy the Neck Part from the other Shot
Copy the Neck Part from the other Shot

When you remove mannequin from the clothing image, you will see that the neck area is empty. So, Copy the neck part from the other shot and attach it to the main image. After copying the neck, or invisible part, there will be a new layer. Select that layer and press CTRL/COMD+T to move the image. Fix the neck part as you desire.

Step 4: Warp the Neck part

Warp the Neck part

The empty area of the neck and the copied neck may not have the same denomination, size, or shape. So, go to the neck layer and press CTRL/COMD+T, then click the right button of the mouse. Now, you can change the denomination, size, or shape by using the warp selection and fitting the neck with the main image.

Step 5: Retouch and Erase the Imperfection

Retouch and Erase the Imperfection

Completing the step no 4, you need to retouch and erase the imperfection. The edge of the attachment part may not be adjusted with the focus image. So, photo touch up service must apply here. Sometime the erase tool needs to apply for getting better results.

Pro tips: “As much as you perfect in using in healing brush tool, and eraser tool, you will get the perfect result.

Step 6: Add Drop Shadow

Add Drop Shadow
Add Drop Shadow

Adding drop shadows is an important part of creating an invisible mannequin, so you need to add them very carefully. Create a transparent layer between the focus image and the attachment part, then draw an outline as per the image requirement. Fill the selection area with black or gray from the color plate. Go to the Gaussian bluer and change the radios as per the requirement. You will get the 3D view for using it.

Step 7: Liquify The Image

Liquify The Image

It is the final step of this blog. The image may not be same on both side, that doesn’t look good. Liquify tool is the best solution for this. So, you should apply symmetrical service by using liquify tool to get a lucrative view. Finally, remove wrinkle, review the whole image and get the best result.


Clothing photo editing is a vast thing. Invisible mannequin service is one of the sections of the apparel photo editing industry. The service is also very helpful for clothing photographers and clothing online shop owners. The shop owners are able to reach their customers with the exact view, texture, and shape of the clothing products. It is very crucial that photographers, clothing manufacturers, and clothing product’s product buyers benefit from this Photoshop service.

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