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Ghost mannequin service is mostly used for eCommerce business. Garments product sellers search for this service

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Ghost mannequin service for clothing photography

The ghost mannequin is the new way of presenting apparel and fashion products. Here photographers use dummies or mannequins instead of models while shooting clothing and other fashion accessory products. It helps your products to look more attractive and irresistible to the consumers.

Consumers nowadays get so many options for a single product that it gets tough to impress them with typical product photography. When choosing an outfit, they become more cautious than ever. Before purchasing any apparel product, they want to ensure that they look good in it.

So as a retailer or fashion photographer, you need to give your consumer the experience they want. And only professional photography and ghost mannequin Photoshop techniques can achieve that. When you create ghost mannequin images of clothing, your product gets a 3D look. So consumers get the best view of your product, and it can become a deciding factor between you and your competitors.
When you use clothing mannequins and give your consumer a detailed and unique involvement, they trust your brand more. Thus with a DIY mannequin, you can increase your sales quickly.

How It Works

What is the ghost Mannequin service?

Many Photoshop editing strategies follow to make pics best for commercial enterprise purposes. A ghost mannequin is on the pinnacle of them. Ghost mannequin is a superb post-processing carrier. It enables style or garment proprietors to symbolize their product within the market and online. 
Ghost mannequin service is a clothes mannequin editing process using Photoshop. Here experts cut out a cloth from the dummy they were on. Photographers shot clothing products using dummy instead of models. A figure can provide almost the same effect to the apparel image as if a model is wearing. Accurate ghost mannequin services depend on the skill of the clothes photo editor. We have a group of skilled and expert photo editors. They can isolate clothes from the dummy and create stunning ghost mannequin effects. Using the invisible mannequin service can reduce the model's expense and hassle. At the same time, you are also giving your customer an immersive product viewing experience.

What is Ghost mannequin editing?

Ghost mannequin editing is additionally referred to as invisible mannequins and 3d apparel pictures. A ghost mannequin effect service indicates an item of apparel with the form of someone carrying it, however, without an actual human in view. Therefore, it seems like an invisible ghost mannequin photo editing is carrying the clothing. You can see via the invisible frame the internal return of the garment.
All mannequin product editing wants to be shot on a dummy doll or a mannequin during the photo shoot. Firstly, the product needs to capture from the front, after which it must become interior out to get a photograph of the tags and the decrease returned. The ghost mannequin editing impact is a post-manufacturing approach regularly used to show clothing and add-ons for e-commerce stores. In post-manufacturing, the Mannequin might be edited out of the photo to consciousness the eye of the authentic product. Those pictures might be mixed in the subsequent step by getting stitched collectively by modifying software programs like Photoshop.

More specifically, the front of the clothing must be located at the return to offer the arrival that an invisible person is wearing the clothes. The aggregate of the two photos will make the product appearance realistic and deliver a 3D appearance. It is vital to capture all images from identical perspectives and distances to facilitate the modifying process.

Type of ghost Mannequin service 

Ghost mannequin effect services or invisible mannequin service has classes relying upon the want. For example, you could want to take away the whole dummy now and then, and sometimes you need to take away a part of the dummy. Based on the part (neck, Sleeve, Bottom) of your clothing product visible, invisible mannequin service has categories. Let's recognize all of the elements approximately the ghost mannequin photo editing services.
To edit a clothing product with a dummy, you must know these categories very well. That will help you to shoot some extra pictures while photographing your product. You will need to use them later when needed on different mannequin categories.

Neck Joint Service

As for the name, here you need to add the neck of your clothing products. In the invisible ghost mannequin service, photoshop specialists remove the dummy's neck and insert a back part of the cloth wearing the dummy. After that, the back part needs to joint with the front part of the neck. It creates a 3D view of the images, which makes them livelier. Getting a perfect Neck joint entirely depends on skill and patience. We always ensure precise and natural-looking clothing mannequin service regardless of the categories. Our skills and experience allow us to do better neck join effect service.


Bottom Joint Service 

From the name, we will, without delay, inform you that we want to cut the lowest part of the photo on this ghost mannequin picture editing service. There is some apparel merchandise that has an extended return than the front. For those products, editors need the joint back part of the image with the front piece at the bottom of the photos. 
Using the ghost mannequin dress-up photo editing, you can make your long-tail garments look attractive. In this category, the products (such as pant photos, shirt photos, women's tops, grown, etc.) have a longer back than the front. So when you click images using the dummy, the bottom part gets ignored in the frame. Bottom joint service is the most excellent solution for these kinds of products. Removing the bottom part of the dummy and joining the back piece of the cloth provides your consumer a more detailed look at the product than ever. At Edit Picture Online, we liquefy the product precisely and then join the bottom part. It makes the bottom part more attractive and tempting.

Sleeve Joint Service

Long sleeves or brief sleeves are something your apparel product has. The back part will be blank if you cut the dummy from the sleeve that describes the image details. The product photo will lose its charm if they don't fix the sleeves from the picture. So, Sleeve joint service is needed here. Jackets, blazers, suits, gowns, and t-shirt photos with long sleeves must undergo this service. Experts of Edit pictures online have professional sleeve join experience under their belt. So when you choose us, you get the best sleeve joint service for your product photo at an affordable rate.


Mannequin to Model

When you use mannequins for your garments products, you get accurate fittings of any clothes. Also, products look more stunning when they fit well—showing the product only using a dummy to your customer may not be good. So, you can remove the dummy and add a model to this. If a model poses wearing your product, its beauty will enhance. You need professional skills to add a model instead of Mannequin. So a mannequin to a model can be an excellent option for you. It will reduce the hiring model expense and time too.


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How do you make an invisible mannequin in Photoshop?

Professional clothing product photographers use mannequins instead of models for their clothing photography. Mannequins with clothes provide a hassle-free photo shooting session. On top of that, the ghost mannequin effect of Photoshop increases the visual appeal of the product photo. So now the question is how do you make an invisible mannequin in Photoshop and get a ghost mannequin effect?
The process starts with inserting the apparel image in Photoshop with a mannequin. The first step is to select the Mannequin and erase it using clipping paths. You can use any selection tool, but the pen tool for selecting the dummy will be the best technique. After selecting the Mannequin manually, delete it from the photo. It is like Photoshop remove background service. After deleting the Mannequin, a gap will occur, and now you need to fill that gap. Next step, Clip out the back part from another that is shot for attaching to it. Using drop shadow Photoshop, you can make the attaching part realistic. With this step, you will get your ghost effect in Photoshop for your apparel product which is ready to present.
It would help if you had a professional level of skills to get professional results. Our highly skilled and experienced editing experts have edited mannequin clothing for thousands of clients. Our experts remove mannequins from clothing in Photoshop. If you want to learn more, there are many ghost mannequin photoshop tutorials online, or hire a ghost mannequin service provider. There are many types of ghost mannequin effect apps online. You can use these apps as well.

Why is a ghost mannequin service necessary for clothing photography?

Impressing consumers has become a challenging task because new technologies evolve every moment. People now are tempted towards online shopping rather than going to the mall. So as an online retailer, every brand is trying to impress consumers with their product photos. The ghost mannequin effect service is one of the uses of new ideas of retailers for their apparel products. 
With ghost mannequin photography, retailers can get rid of the hassle of hiring models for every project. Now ghost mannequin Photoshop editing gives your clothing product the same realistic look that a model would do. On top of that, Clothing photography with a dummy is a lot easier than using a model. You can make any pose of ghost mannequin images you like using a dummy, and later in the post-processing, change it with a model.
If you use an invisible ghost mannequin at its best, it can become your trump card for your business. It provides almost the same benefits as a model and can be efficient and cost-effective.

How can an Invisible Ghost Mannequin increase sales for The Online Clothing Business?

The online clothing business is tricky, and getting that first sale is the toughest. If you are thinking of starting an online boutique, you must get these things straight and clear. You have to provide a reason to your consumer to trust your brand. So before you start selling clothes online, you have to know how to successfully create a clothing business online. 
The invisible Ghost mannequin service can increase sales for the online clothing business. How? Let me tell you. While shopping online, consumers can't see or feel the product as they could when visiting the mall. So they have to stick with what the product photo shows and what clothing manufacturers tell them in the description. Getting impressed by an image and its definition is a significant risk. 
And offering them good views of your clothing product is the key to increasing sales. To sell clothes online, use ghost mannequin photography as it will help you to enhance the product's photo quality. Your clothing product will get a 3D look that provides a clearer view to a consumer.

Difference between Ghost Mannequin and Photo manipulation service

Photo manipulation service changes the elements of a photo and gives it a completely new look in Photoshop. In the ghost mannequin effect, experts erase the Mannequin and add new elements to the image. In that sense, ghost mannequin techniques are also a part of photo manipulation in Photoshop.
The invisible mannequin effect is perfect for apparel or clothing photography. On the other hand, you can edit, add, remove, and make as you want an image with photo manipulation. You can make your imagination accurate with image manipulation by editing the photos. 
With mannequin editing, you can edit only your clothing product photos to make them stunning to impress your customers. You have a limit in invisible mannequin editing, but in manipulation, the limit is only the sky. You can follow Photoshop tutorials for photo manipulation and start giving your imagination the wings it needs. But if you want to edit and make your clothing product photo impressive, a ghost mannequin is the best.

How much should be the best price for a Ghost Mannequin

To hire a model for your fashion photography, you have to spend a large amount of money. On top of that, you have to match their scheduling. We can assure you about the pricing that ghost mannequin service will cost you way less than it would if you hire a model. 
Sorting out the suitable model for your product is another tough job. Even if you found an appropriate model, the photo shooter may not be available that day. You can't control that either. So as you can see, you are spending money on the hiring model, and you have to go through a lot of hassle.
On the other hand, you don't have to go through any hassle with a dummy or Mannequin. You can make them any pose you want, and there will be no scheduling or sudden issues to face. Set the dummy and shoot. The post-processing makes it ghost away at an affordable price. At edit picture online the ghost Mannequin price starts from 0.90$. It is not a high cost. Find the best price for the ghost mannequin effect at edit picture online. We offer industry bottom rates for clothing mannequin editing.


Ghost Mannequin at edit picture online 

There are many online photo editors around the world. Among them, Edit picture online is a world-class image editing service Provider Company. We provide all types of professional image editing services, including photoshop ghost mannequins, at an affordable rate. Our vision is simple. We promote hard work and guaranteed results only. 
Our skilled experts use the latest cutting-edge photo editing technology. So you get top-class image editing services, including an invisible mannequin effect service. The best part of choosing us is, that you don't need to spend time behind making us understand your requirements. All you need to do is send us your images with proper instructions and relax.
The secret to getting the perfect ghost mannequin effect for the clothing image is erasing the dummy precisely. So we use the photoshop pen tool to make the clipping paths around the dummy accurate. Our experts zoom in to 300% into the image to ensure correct selection.
We also do retouch up and Liquify Photoshop, if needed.
You can take our free trial offer to check our quality first, and then we can go for the actual job. With competitive pricing and uncompromising quality, we are confident that we won't give any chance of complaining.



It is the part of product retouching services. Everyone wants their apparel product photos to look spectacular, impress the consumers, and generate sales. The ghost mannequin effect can make every clothing image flawless and jaw-dropping. At Edit Picture Online, we ensure that our clients get the best result for their clothing products with the best ghost mannequin price.

Edit Picture Online is a fantastic alternative for ghost mannequin service, especially if you can edit bulk images. Our quality control system becomes easy for most experienced professionals and 3 step quality control system. We're also highly genuine when it comes to the deadline.

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Answer: Ghost mannequin effect or neck joint service where we remove the dummy from the image. We make the mannequin invisible.
Answer: We do photo ghost mannequin services for short sleeves t-shirt, long sleeves t-shirt, shirt, jackets, coats or any kind of dresses.
Answer: This service is mainly for e-commerce sellers which businesses are based on clothes.
Answer: We have our own website apps for taking your order. You can send your images to ours by creating a profile on our website.We have also dropbox and we-transfer. After finishing your work you can get it anyway as you want.