Ghost Mannequin

Ghost Mannequin Service

Ghost mannequin service is mostly used for eCommerce business. Garments product sellers search for this service.

What is ghost mannequin service?

Combining multiple shoots of apparel images on mannequin or model, making one image that show all the details of apparel image without mannequin is known as ghost mannequin service. The main technique is known as 3D ghost mannequin service also.

Now a days This service has become much more popular due to its 3D view.  The online apparel shop owners and the photographers can show the inner parts of the images using it. The customers also get the real visual feels for the invisible mannequin service.

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Portrait Photo Shooting

After shooting Portrait Photo, Mask hair, fur, fine details of subjects to get clean & sharp images.

Still Life Photo Shooting

Shoot Still Life photography, Edit them and increase sales.

E-commerce Photo Shooting

After shooting eCommerce Photos, it is essential to edit to show perfect your product to your customers

Jewellery Photo Shooting

Shoot Jewellery Photos, Edit them and increase sales.

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Shoot Car Photos, Edit them and increase sales.

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Ghost Mannequin

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How do you get the ghost mannequin effect?

There is no difference between the ghost mannequin and ghost mannequin effect. After creating a ghost mannequin, the 3D view we can see, it is called Ghost Mannequin Effect. In a word, the complete output of ghost mannequin service is Ghost Mannequin Effect. You can create this effect by following the process of ghost mannequin service. So, don’t be surprised and hesitate to for this.

How does a ghost mannequin work?

Ghost Mannequin service helps to show all the parts of the images that we said before. It is time to see how does a ghost mannequin work.  For example, if a customer wants to purchase a t-shirt, first he/she will check the neck part, sleeve part, and bottom part of it. Ghost Mannequin or invisible mannequin is the best solution of it. Thes effect combines all the invisible part of images so that a customer can able to see the inner and out parts of the images. By doing 3D ghost mannequin a seller can catch the eye of a customer. This service helps to a seller increase the sales by giving the real test of clothing photos.

Type of ghost Mannequin service

There are four types of invisible or ghost mannequin service: 1. Neck joint, 2. Sleeve Joint, 3. Bottom Joint, and 4. Transferring model to mannequin. In bellow there will be describe all four types of Ghost mannequin service.

Neck Joint Service

Neck joint service: Neck Joint is the very popular service for the online apparel or clothing shop owners. In this service, the model or mannequin should be deleted, and the neck of the images should be added to the main picture. By doing clipping path the dummy or model need to delete after that the neck part of the picture need to insert to the main image. Using the Photoshop techniques, the neck need to add in perfect place. It gives the outstanding view of the images.

Bottom Joint Service

Bottom Joint service: When photographer shoot a photo, he cannot be able to capture the back side of bottom part due to mannequin or model. Here photoshop bottom joint technic need to apply. In the same way of Sleeve joint service, need to cut bottom part of different image and add to add to the main image. Then the image gets the complete view.

Sleeve Joint Service

Sleeve Joint service: Normally, Sleeve joint service is used in those image that sleeves are invisible or hidden by the mannequins. Cutting out of sleeve part from another image need to add in main image. Here the same photoshop techniques need to be done. It also gives the real view of the images that can drive the sales.

Mannequin to Model

Transferring model to mannequin: Some time the photographers and the clothing shop owner can’t manage model for shooting. In this case transferring model to mannequin service is the best solution. The photographers shoot photo wearing the cloth on a mannequin from different angel. After that there need to apply the photoshop technic to transfer the model picture instead of mannequin. This service save time, and money and keep the shooting smoother.

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Edit Picture Online Providing Top Quality Clipping Path, Background Removal, Drop Shadow, Image Manipulation, Image Masking, Photo Retouching Services etc.

The online clothing business is tricky, and getting that first sale is the toughest. If you are thinking of starting an online boutique, you must get these things straight and clear. You have to provide a reason to your consumer to trust your brand. So before you start selling clothes online, you have to know how to successfully create a clothing business online.

The invisible Ghost mannequin service can increase sales for the online clothing business. How? Let me tell you. While shopping online, consumers can’t see or feel the product as they could when visiting the mall. So they have to stick with what the product photo shows and what clothing manufacturers tell them in the description. Getting impressed by an image and its definition is a significant risk.

And offering them good views of your clothing product is the key to increasing sales. To sell clothes online, use ghost mannequin photography as it will help you to enhance the product’s photo quality. Your clothing product will get a 3D look that provides a clearer view to a consumer.

Photo manipulation service changes the elements of a photo and gives it a completely new look in Photoshop. In the ghost mannequin effect, experts erase the Mannequin and add new elements to the image. In that sense, ghost mannequin techniques are also a part of photo manipulation in Photoshop.

The invisible mannequin effect is perfect for apparel or clothing photography. On the other hand, you can edit, add, remove, and make as you want an image with photo manipulation. You can make your imagination accurate with image manipulation by editing the photos.

With mannequin editing, you can edit only your clothing product photos to make them stunning to impress your customers. You have a limit in invisible mannequin editing, but in manipulation, the limit is only the sky. You can follow Photoshop tutorials for photo manipulation and start giving your imagination the wings it needs. But if you want to edit and make your clothing product photo impressive, a ghost mannequin is the best.

Other types of Clothing Picture Editing

Ghost Mannequin isn’t only one service for clothing photo editing. There are other types of services is used for apparel photo editing. In the bellow, there will be discussed different types of editing for clothing photography.

 Background Removal

Background Removal is widely used service in the sector of clothing photography editing. The clothing photography don’t need to do Ghost mannequin, but the background is not good, there this service is the best.

Wrinkle Remove

When the photographers shoot apparel pictures, there may have wrinkle on them. In this circumstance they need to use retouching service for removing the wrinkle. By the retouch up service, they can make the image wrinkle free.

Color Change or Color Correction

Due to the light balance the color tone can be changed. For solving the issue, there need to adjust the color tone. Color change service is the most popular service for the photographers and online shop owners. Shooting one picture, it is possible to change color using photoshop.

Liquify Service

Sometimes, no matter how skilled you are with editing tools, you might need a little extra help to achieve the perfect look. That’s where a liquify service comes in handy.
A liquify service is a professional editing service that specializes in reshaping and refining clothing using advanced liquify and retouching techniques. Whether you need to adjust the fit of a garment, smooth out stubborn wrinkles, or create a more flattering silhouette, a liquify service can help you achieve your desired look. 

symmetrical photo editing for clothing photo

When you take pictures of clothes to sell online, sometimes the clothing looks a little crooked or not perfectly straight. This can make the pictures look unprofessional. A symmetrical photo editing service fixes this problem by making sure the clothes in the pictures are perfectly centered and evenly balanced on both sides. This makes the pictures look neat, tidy, and more appealing to customers.

Getting pictures edited for symmetry usually costs between a few cents to a few dollars per picture, depending on how much editing is needed. This service is really useful for any business that sells clothing online, like fashion brands, clothing stores, or online shops. Having nicely edited, symmetrical pictures helps attract customers and makes the products look more professional and desirable. The main industries that need this kind of editing are fashion, apparel, and e-commerce businesses that sell clothes or accessories. Keeping product pictures looking their best is important for making sales online.

Why use ghost mannequin?

There are many reasons of using ghost mannequin in clothing photography shooting and selling industry. It gives the very satisfactory result for both, the photographers and clothing shop owners. The most common reasons are mentioning bellow:

  1. Ghost mannequin saves cost of the hiring a model.
  2. It reduces the inconvenience of getting schedule of models available.
  3. The clothing shop owners can show the product’s details using this.
  4. The customers also get an awesome idea about the products.
  5. It helps to drive sales of products.
  6. Last of all, the shop owners, customers and the photographers all parties are happy to use this.

How much does ghost mannequin photography cost?

The cost of ghost mannequin services depends on various things and complexity of images. Such as, number of images, regular order from the clients, trust between the service providers and buyers work as the factor for the price. If the number of images is very high, and clients do agreement with suppliers for ensuring regular basis work, the suppliers can reduce price. Most of cases, photo editing companies charge is 1.50 $ to 3.00 $ and some cases the charge goes to 10$ to 15$. The surprising matter is that Edit Picture Online charge for ghost mannequin services very minimal price without considering the best quality. It is a very reputed company, and its goal is customer satisfaction. EPO believes on low price, high sales and customer satisfaction.



It is the part of product retouching services. Everyone wants their apparel product photos to look spectacular, impress the consumers, and generate sales. The ghost mannequin effect can make every clothing image flawless and jaw-dropping. At Edit Picture Online, we ensure that our clients get the best result for their clothing products with the best ghost mannequin price.

Edit Picture Online is a fantastic alternative for ghost mannequin service, especially if you can edit bulk images. Our quality control system becomes easy for most experienced professionals and 3 step quality control system. We’re also highly genuine when it comes to the deadline.

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Ghost mannequin makes your products look more eye-catchy and professional. It helps customers see how the clothing fits and drapes, increasing the chances of purchase.

Yes, we can edit images for all types of clothing, including shirts, jackets, dresses, and pants. We can handle different materials and styles to ensure your products look their best.

The turnaround time depends on the number of images and the complexity of the editing. Typically, it takes 24 hours, but we can often expedite orders if needed.

Our pricing varies based on the number of images and the level of editing required. Basically our price starts from .80 cents for ghost mannequin service . Please contact us for a detailed quote tailored to your specific needs.

Yes, we offer a free sample edit for first-time customers. This helps you see the quality of our work before committing to a larger order.

We offer a range of photo editing services, including background removal, color correction, retouching, and resizing. Check our website for a full list of services.