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E-commerce photo post production

E-commerce photo post production In this age of the internet, appealing photos are a massive purpose we're glued to our devices. Flawless and impactful photos are everywhere: celeb pictures, news, film or collection posters, e-commerce product pictures, marketing...

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  • Mizanur Rahman

    Md. Mizanur Rahaman is the founder of Edit Picture online. He completed the MS degree in Economics in 2008 from the national university of Bangladesh. After that, he joined a renowned Photo editing company. Firstly, he did a job in the company from 2008 to the middle of 2011. Meanwhile, In 2011 he also got a certificate from Bangladesh Graphic design college. He gained vast experience for the company and decided to open his own company. The earlier journey was not smooth for him. Initially, he struggled much to establish this company. After 2012 he saw the success of the company. Now EPO has 4000+ clients worldwide. EPO and Mizanur Rahaman is a well-known person in the field of Graphics design and photo editing sector.