Edit Picture Online: Terms condition

Warmly Welcome to www.editpictureonline.com Read our Terms and Conditions and get a clear idea about our Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction

We are thankful for choosing EditPictureOnline.Clients deed with us subsumes with these Terms and Conditions. You recognize that you have understood the deed or agreements, by agree with these you are tied by them. On the other hand, by not agree with any part of these Terms and conditions, you are not allowed to enter the website.

2.Changes to the Agreements\Deeds

Infrequently make an alternative to the deeds. It’s up to you that check these Deeds Sometimes for variation. Continuing use of the website regard changes will mean that you accede to the changes.

3. Site Limitations and Modifications

Edit picture will make the best attempts to keep the website up and running. Sudden technical problem or maintenance it seems temporary barrages. By the law and conduct, Editpicture has reserved the right to do the maintenance or upgrade or discontinue without any warning.

4. Using the Site

Here we describe some intelligence about how can you use this website properly.

4.1 Our Services

Editpicture does clipping path service and other various types of Photoshop services. Editpicture needs all the payments when clients drop the order.

4.2 Customer doorway, Creating account, and Passwords

To take services from Edit picture, clients may be needed to register with editpicture and have to select a password. The user must provide all the information accurately and update. If you do not agree with those conditions then the user will not able to take services from Editpicture.

5.Rights We Grant to You

The Content is reserve property of Editpictureonline and its attached companies. Basically, we grant the user a limited way of license to use our website or take services from our site All the logos, domain names, Articles, blogs, and website features are the reserved property of Editpicture.

6.User Guidelines

we have shared some guidelines or rules from us to users that they can understand which type of services we provide actually. Those are not permitted :
Sending the copies of any cached to any authorized device to an unauthorized device.
Give your data and password to another person or you used from another.
you do sell your account to another person or do any financial matter.
Most of all your password secures your account and it’s your responsibility to keep it safe. If you found any disturbance then Knock on Editpictureonline.

7. Customer Support

If any user faces any problem and needs support for an account or payment-related questions. please feel free to mail us at info@editpictureonline.com.our customer support team will answer your any question by this.

8. Payments, Refunds, and Negations

Editpictureonline needed the full payment after you give the images for taking services. After taken the given work, you have to pay the payments within 4 days. On the other hand, we have a monthly payment method too. you can take services for a whole month and after finished the month, you have to pay. If a client will not satisfy with our work, you can undo the work again. We will do our best to provide you the work again in another way. if after that you will not satisfy then we will do refund as follow some terms and conditions. Sometimes Editpicture gives various types of offers or coupons for the promotional matter. Also,Editpicture has the right to cancel this anytime.

9. Turnaround Time

Clients remain to start their turnaround time after finished to placing all photos which he wants to take services. The time is not being started when the order was just submitted.

10. Limitations

By due respect to all BD laws, for any problems or displeasure with Editpicture services, you have to stop using our site or stop taking services from us. we do not take any responsibility for third-party applications. if you faced any problem with our website then just knock us and we will hardly try to solve your problem As soon as possible.

11. Privacy

In Editpicture website you can find a privacy policy available. We request you to read this privacy policy carefully and give us feedback.

12. Cookies

Cookies are a small ext. file which needs to take permission from the user to make a place in the user hard drive. if you are agreed with that file added to your hard drive automatically. Cookies help you to analyze web traffic for a real website. On the other hand, we use traffic log cookies to identify your current page. if a user will delete cookies then it will give you a harmful effect for using the various website.

13. Contact Information

House-09, Road-10, Block-C

Mirpur-01, Dhaka-1216

Email: Info@editpictureonline.com

Cell/Whatsapp: 01761-711543.