Step by step guide on How to edit car photos 

There are many ways to edit car photos. It depends on photos requirements. We will quickly show how to edit car photos Step by step in this post. For example, some images need to edit by clipping path, some photos need to remove reflection and add shadow. For online car sellers editing car pictures have become an essential topic. Without editing photos, they cannot show their products perfectly to their customers. For this reason, every car seller edits their car photos to increase sales. They edit every part of the car to show their customers an overall idea.

In the technological era, everybody has become habited with online shopping. The car selling industry is not a different thing. Car sellers and buyers are marketing and shopping for their desired product online. So, the trend of car dealer marketing systems has changed significantly. The traditional marketing system has become useless and will lose its functionality shortly. Publishing well-edited car photos, anyone takes the market under control. So, car dealers should know how to edit car photos perfectly to control the market. If s/he doesn’t have much time to edit their photos, s/he has ample opportunities to hire an online photo editor to make work easy.

What is car photo editing?

Before starting the process, you should know what car photo editing is? Right!! Photoshop car is not a difficult task if you know it properly. Using Photoshop or relevant software making a car photo eye-catching for the customer is called care photo editing. There are many ways and tools for editing care photos. Different tools and software are used for various requirements. If you want to remove reflection from the car body, you must use the clone stamp tool or spot healing brush tool. But using the same tool, you cannot remove the car’s background. 


In the flowing process that we will show you some techniques, that will help you edit a car photo properly. You also know about various Photoshop tools that are commonly used in car photo editing.

Photoshop background remove

Photoshop remove background is one of the most common services in the car photo editing industry. 90 percent of car dealers look for this service. But it is the most accessible service as well. Let’s go and learn how to edit car photos using remove background in Photoshop.

Step 1. Open a car photo in photoshop

In this step, you need to open a car photo in any version of Photoshop. Click the open button that you will find on the left side of the Photoshop cc window. We are using here Photoshop cc license version.


Step 2. Create a duplicate layer

You will find the layer panel on the right side of the Photoshop window. Please go to the menu bar and click the window button if you don’t see it. You will get a dropdown menu here. In the middle of the dropdown menu, you will find the Layer option for shortcut press F7. Now you can see the layer panel right side of the Photoshop window. Click the new layer icon from the layer panel to create a duplicate layer for shortcut press CTRL+J.


Step 3. Use pen tools for selecting the area

Please select the pen tool from the tools bar or press P for the shortcut. After that, select the outline of the car photo. For the straight area of the images, you can draw a straight line, but you need to use anchor points for the curve area. Here, you need to remember that the result will be better as much you can use less the hard anchor. This process is known as clipping paths.


Step 4. Select the path and invert the area for background removal

After selecting the whole image, you need to select the path. You will find the path layer under the layer panel. Pressing CTRL, click the path icon. Then the path will be selected. Then you need to press CTRL+SHIFT+I to invert the path. Please press the delete button and remove the background of the car photo.


Final Step: See the final result

You can add any background color or replace the background for your car. After removing the car background, you can make the background transparent. It is an excellent process for car background replacement.


How to edit car photo by doing sky remove or replacement

Car sky removal or replacement is another standard service in the car photo editing sector. Using this service, you can remove the lousy sky and add a new colorful atmosphere. It changes the car outlook and helps car dealers market for boost sales. Let’s see how to edit car photos using car sky removal or replacement service.

Flow the steps one and two of Photoshop remove background service on above.

Step 3. Create clipping path using pen tools

Using the pen tool, create a clipping path on the sky area. Then select the path and invert it. After that, delete the sky area.


Step 4. Remove the background and add a new sky

After deleting the sky, you need to insert the new sky. Please open the new sky image in Photoshop, select it, copy it by pressing CTRL+C, and paste it into another layer. Selecting the layer, press CTRL+T and add the sky in the blank area.


Step 5. Select brush tool for smoothing

For making it natural, select the brush tool and make it smooth. Then the final result will appear. Now the image is ready for you. You can use the final image for social media posts or blog posts.


How to edit car photo using shadow service

By creating shadow in Photoshop, you can change the view of the car image. Drop shadow Photoshop can provide the distinctive look of any image. It will look better than the raw photo. Let’s go and see how to edit car photos by adding shadows in Photoshop.

Follow up step 1 to step 4 of Photoshop remove background service on above.

Step 5. Create duplicate layer

After following up on steps 1 to 4 of Photoshop remove background service, you need to create a blank layer. For this, you need to create a duplicate layer 1st. Then you need to create an empty layer in the middle of the original layer and layer 2.


Step 6. Select the shadow area

Select layer 3 and draw a selection using the pen or lasso tools. Select the path and fill the selection area with black color.


Step 7. Give blur effect

Deselect the path by pressing CTRL+D and go to the filter menu. Click the filter menu, and you will get a dropdown menu. From the dropdown menu, choose the Gaussian Blur. You will find a new interface named Gaussian Blur. You need to increase the radius scale bar for the exact pixel.


Step 8. Change opacity

You need to change the opacity to select the blank layer to get an accurate result.

Step 9. Soft the shadow using eraser tool

It is the final step. Following all the above steps, select the eraser tool, and make the shadow soft. Photoshop drop shadow for your car photo is ready now. You can use it.


Final step:



The other types of shadows are also used for car photo editing. Refection shadow, cast shadow, and original shadow are familiar among them. In another post, we will try to show them.

How to edit car photo using Retouch up service

Car photos retouch up is another friendly service in the automobile photo editing industry. Retouching a car photo, you can make it looking nice. This service also helps the Automobile dealers to increase sales. Now we are going to show you how to edit car photos using a touch-up service.

Follow the steps one and two of Photoshop remove background service as well.

Step 3. Select clone stamp tool for car retouching

Please go to the menu bar on the left side of the Photoshop window. You will find many tools icons there. Select the Clone Stamp Tool from the menu bar.


Step 4. Fix the opacity of the tool

After selecting the clone stamp tool, you need to fix the tool’s opacity. Usually, the opacity is 100% for regular retouching. But if you want to keep the existing texture of the photo, you can reduce opacity 50% to 60% or on the basis of image requirements. It will help you to retouch the process without damaging the original texture. You can use this tool for dust removal or Glass reflection removal.


If you choose any area with the pen tool, the clone stamp tool will work only in the selecting area. So, there is no risk of damaging another part of the image. Sometimes you need to select the damaged area for better results. 

Step 5. Final output

After retouching the whole automobile image, you can make it ready for marketing purposes. 


Last words

In this post, we are trying out the best technique for automobile image editing. We hope that both beginner and expert editors can learn a lot of things from the post. By reading our blog’s other posts, you can learn many techniques of using various Photoshop tools. Edit picture online is a high-quality photo editing company in the competitive industry. We are offering a bulk image editing service at discount prices. No doubt anyone can be happy and satisfied by hiring our Photoshop editing service.


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