How do you do a clipping path

Do you recognize How do you do a clipping path in Photoshop is? If you’re new to the idea, don’t worry, you’ve got to come to the proper place. In this blog, we will observe the Path in detail. This manual covers the whole thing you want to recognize, approximately the Path and the way to use it in Photoshop. At maximum, humans confuse Path and Image Masking. We can even have a take observe an in-depth, step-by-step technique for creating a Clipping Path. This may be very beneficial for brand spanking new designers.

This tutorial caters more to beginners; however, even more advanced users can learn something new here. So, are you ready to learn how to create a clipping path in Photoshop? Let’s get started.

What is image clipping path?

An image Clipping Path is a form or a closed vector path made via way of the usage of image enhancing software programs like Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator. Using the Pen Tool in Photoshop, you could cut the object in a perfect form after using the image clipping path. After that, you could manage the photo background in keeping with your own choice. Also, there are numerous uses of the lasso tool in image clipping path Photoshop. Interestingly, it’s far used to perform a Photoshop approach referred to as the image path.
Above all, image path work is beneficial if you have the identical form of photos and want to alternate the background.

Which is the best tool to use for clipping path work?

There are some specific tools that may be used for image clipping paths in Photoshop. The Pen Tool is frequently the fine tool for developing the clipping path, as it lets in for greater precision and manipulation. The Lasso Tool also can be used for Selection; however, it isn’t always as unique because of the Pen Tool. You can manipulate the pen tool very effortlessly, which is maximum essential while creating a path. In addition, your objects might also additionally include zigzag form, spherical form, and greater complicated forms like constructing gate. It is not possible to do a path with other tools in such instances. But, in case you use a pen tool, you could use it for every instance, like easy to notable complicated photo Shape.
So, if you need to create an image path ideally, be the grasp the use of the pen tool. It had a must tool for clipping paths.

The process of image clipping path

Clipping Path Service is essential while you need to remove images or photos object and preserve the challenge of that file to be used in any other background. Doing image path across the subject and putting off the background isn’t a completely complicated mission for maximum Photoshop experts. But doing absolutely the path is an issue of exercise with the Pen Tool in Photoshop. So, we are saying the extra you exercise Pen Tool, the more you may enhance the first-class of accuracy at the image path mission.

Now, let’s try on the Process of Image clipping path. I will try to describe A to Z on this process. Let’s dive into this.

Step 1: Open the image in Photoshop

For doing any work in Photoshop, you have to open the file first. In the left corner, you get the option to take a new file. So, take the file first, and the process starts from here. You can also do drag and drop directly in Photoshop.

how to open image in photoshop

Step 2: Create a duplicate layer

This is the second step for doing a clipping path in an image. Press CTRL+J on your keyboard. It will make a duplicate layer for you in Photoshop.

create duplicate layer in photoshop

Step 3: Select the pen tools

You will see a lengthy list of icons at the left of the display in Photoshop. That is the Main Toolbar, and the icons are tools you may use for diverse edits. Search for the only named ‘Pen Tool ‘and pick out that.
You may be capable of hint the definition of your item and the usage of the Pen Tool after having finished the subsequent step on the image clipping path.

photoshop pen tool

Step 4: Create a path layer and save the path

On the right corner of your Photoshop screen, you may be capable of seeing a huge box with numerous alternatives inside it. Under the ‘Layers’ option, pick out a new layer path.
You need to be capable of viewing this field automatically; however, if, for a few reasons, you select the ‘Windows’ alternative from the Menu Bar and select the new layer Path, also save the path as well.
You may be capable of hint the definition of your item and the usage of the Pen Tool after having finished the subsequent step on the image clipping path.

Create path layer and save path in photoshop

Step 5: Draw clipping path

Now, that is wherein the instant of fact comes in. Think approximately the item you need to draw the clipping path around and begin the definition from a point. Please make sure to do it very cautiously and note the details. You may even want to zoom into your image to get the turns correct on the image path.

draw path in photoshop

Step 6: Select the path

Here you have to select the path first. This step corresponds to the preceding one because the path is still created around the centered item till it reaches the beginning point.
It turned into aforementioned that a clipping path is a vector shape. Hence, the definition of the problem should be enclosed and connected.

select path in photoshop

Step 7: Add feather

For making the edges smoother, you can use a feather. Just select feather by pressing. SHIFT+ F6 .

feather selection photoshop

Step 8: Delete the background

Suppose you want to delete the background, press CTRL+SHIFT+I to make an inverse. Then press delete. Your background will be deleted by following this process.

background delete in photoshop

Step 9: Save the file

Finally, keep your photo. You can use this file later to make any adjustments there. Also, you may send it to a person else too, the path could be there, and they could use it consistent with their need.

Also, don’t forget to keep each of the PSD and jpeg files. So, this will provide you with getting right of entry to apply this photo in whichever way you want.

photoshop clipping path editing

clipping path and background remove


The image Clipping Path in Photoshop may be very beneficial for photo designers. It assists you in creating a few particular designs and makes your work appearance extra amazing. We desire this tutorial changed into beneficial for you. We included Path in detail. The step-by-step manual may be incredible for beginners searching for an easy-to-comply manual for Path. We additionally checked out exceptional methods you may use the Clipping Path to your designs.

Clipping Path isn’t always very tough to learn. However, if you need to become an expert, you need to hold training and learn. However, if you need to become an expert, you need to exercise and strive for new matters yourself.

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