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At present time car photo editing has become an essential factor for online car sellers. It gives the lucrative view of car photos.

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Automobile & Car Photoshop Service with edit picture online

Car photoshop service for automotive is one of those post-processing tasks where attention to detail is everything. When you plan to sell vehicles, it's your duty to present your car photos in a top-notch standard. At Edit Picture Online, you get highly professional automotive photo post-processing services at an affordable price. We offer services like creating a car white background, car transparent background, and many more. We also provide a post-processing service for racing car photos. Our car photoshop service experts are highly experienced in erasing car backgrounds along with other post-processing services. Most of the time, automotive dealers fail to choose a perfect background for their car photos. So we help dealers to erase the background of the car with 100% accuracy. We work for perfection, and car photos demand pure perfection, nothing else.


What is a car photoshop service?

Car photoshop service is a car photo post-processing service. where you edit your car photos to make them stand out and boost your business. You can edit your classic car background and make it look fabulous with car photoshop services. A car with a transparent background may sometimes require adding such a backdrop that compliments the subject. So using this service can let your car show background more realistic and complementary to each other. To be able to edit car photos, you have to require professional expertise in photoshop and experience in editing photos. Without proper skills, you can't produce images that make an actual difference to your business. Most of the cars perform with a black background. So if you need to create a car black background, photoshop service for cars is the solution.

How to edit car images in photoshop?

When you edit your product photos, it performs better. The same goes for the car images as these products are more luxury-type products. The consumers of these kinds of products first go for the look and then go for the feel. Now you might think about how to edit car images in photoshop easily. Well, car photoshop services have some basic primary post-processing types that you can do with ease. You don't need any particular expertise in photoshop to do them. You can erase car background images with some simple steps and use a solid white background. Other than some essential car edit services, if you need professional editing, then you should use professional help. You can learn how to edit car photos in photoshop on your own. But if you spend time in the post-processing, you might lose your concentration over your main jobs.

Types of car photoshop editing service

Products like vehicles contain so many components, and every component is essential to present. Based on the viewing angle, background, exterior, and interior of a car, car photoshop editing services have different types. Other than these, every product photo requires some touch-ups to make them look attractive to its consumers. Some standard image editing techniques can produce impressive product images. Such as clipping paths to select specific areas, background removal for making the backdrop top-notch, high-end retouch, sky replacements, and many more. Let us know about these techniques and how these car photoshop services can improve your car photos.

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Clipping path

The photoshop Clipping Path technique allows us to create vector paths around the subject's edges and select them. In photoshop, you can use other selection tools such as the object selection tool, the quick selection tool. But all of these do automatic selection using photoshop's automatic edge detection algorithm, which works great, by the way. With the help of the pen tool in photoshop, you can select the area as precisely. As possible that you want to edit. You can select your subject accurately and create a plain white background by isolating it from the existing backdrop. The clipping path in photoshop is a manual process of selection. That's why if the expert is professional, getting accuracy becomes easy.

Car white background

Product photos perform best with a plain white background, and it is no different for car photos as well. Car white background removal service, you can get premium-looking product photos of your cars for your online stores and catalogs. No matter how professional a photographer you hire. Or how flawless photography set up they do, raw photos can't have the same appealing look as they would do after editing them. So when you go for the car photoshop service for white background removal, you mean serious business. It shows you will not take any chances with your product photo. At Edit Picture Online, we also never settle for less, just like you.

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Blur background

Sometimes, to attract your consumer's eyes only to the subject, you can blur the background of your car photos. It is also called the DSLR effect. You can achieve this using professional DSLR cameras. But using our blur background in photoshop technique, you can take it to the next level. Making the background blur of the car photos, you can ignore unwanted objects as well. When you provide a blurred background of the photo, your subjects become the center of the attraction. So consumers see only the product and nothing else.

High-end retouch

Cars are the premium luxury product that most people dream of buying one day. So when they look at different models of cars, the first thing they notice is the look. If the car looks outstanding and premium, then they try to buy it. As an automotive dealer, ensuring that the car photo looks exceptional and attractive is the key to generating sales. In the car photoshop service, the high-end retouch up technique acts as a game-changer. You can give your customer an unforgettable viewing experience by presenting amazing images of your cars. Photoshop retouching for cars is the job of an experienced hand like ours.

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Edit Picture Online Providing Top Quality Clipping Path, Background Removal, Drop Shadow, Image Manipulation, Image Masking, Photo Retouching Services etc.

When to use car white background adding service

HDR effect

HDR effect in photoshop helps your image to have a completely balanced product photo. Sometimes when you shoot your vehicles outdoors, controlling the lighting becomes difficult. So you get uneven car photos, and sometimes they get burned as well. With the hdr effect, photoshop technique experts merge a combination of the same frame and produce a balanced image where the lighting is perfect. For luxury products like cars where look decides the business hdr effect can be the term card for you. Use it where it requires, and the game will be yours.

Remove people/items

Vehicle photography is a challenging job, primarily when you shoot outdoors. Distractions such as people or unwanted objects will somehow appear in your frame from nowhere. And when you are shooting in a new car launching event, getting frames without people is unimaginable. So in these circumstances, you can remove people and items from your frame using photoshop. Any sort of distraction can reduce the impression of your car photo. Remove objects and Impress your consumers by producing images with zero distraction.


While shooting outdoors, there is another element that you can't control: the sky. Getting the perfect sky for your photo is rare, and so if you want to get an ideal sky, then sky replacement is the key. With the sky replacement technique, you can select and add the perfect sky for your image in photoshop. A beautiful sky represents a beautiful day. There is nothing better than if your consumer gets a positive feeling by looking at your car photo. It can boost your consumer's positive impression and, at the end of the day, your sales.

Sky replacement

Recoloring car photos in photoshop will save you some extra money. As an automobile dealer like your competitors, you must be looking to produce as many variations as you can. Among all the different variations you can bring to your car, color variations are the most visible. With the photoshop color change technique, you can create different variations of your vehicle very quickly. Shooting images for every color vehicle is an expensive and tiresome job to do. To reduce your costs and generate sales by recoloring.

Car Background Removal

Image background plays a vital role in enhancing the viewing experience of the audience. So the backgrounds of your car photos are no different. If you can't use unique backdrops to shoot your car images, then make it happen in the post-processing. Car background removal is the service where you can change the viewing experience of any vehicle image by 360 degrees. Remove the background of your vehicle image if it's looking bad or your business curve will go down soon. At Edit Picture Online, we provide a high-standard car background removal service that will help your car sell.

Car Photoshop Drop shadow

Shadow makes a product photo authentic, and expensive product photos, like cars, are the perfect candidate for this. Customers love natural and authentic products even if they see them in a photo. So if you want to validate your vehicles online, then add a drop shadow photoshop. When you pursue the car shadow technique, you should look out the amount of shadow you use on your image. Excessive shadow can do the opposite and make the product image look unrealistic. As soon as you remove the background from your car photo, it will give you a feeling like it's floating. Drop shadows in photoshop, fill up the space, and improve the product viewing experience of your audience.

Car Natural Shadow

Car natural shadow is another category of photoshop shadow technique. Here editors remain the natural car shadow when they remove the backdrop from it. When you isolate your car from its background, you unintentionally remove the real shadow of the vehicle as well. With this car photoshop technique, you can bring back the real shadow and make your car photo look more believable and attractive. Keeping the natural shadow precisely is a job for an expert hand as the selection should be accurate. At Edit picture online, we use the photoshop pen tool and perform manual clipping paths for the selection process. So you get a precise car natural shadow for your car photo without any doubt.

Cast Shadow

The cast shadow is when editors create a shadow using the product itself in photoshop. In this Photoshop shadow technique, the object and the background get unparalleled to each other. So the shadow is not consistent such as it might look a bit darker in some areas and a bit lighter in other areas. Because of this technique, the shadow will be a bit bigger in some areas and smaller in other areas because of this technique. Because of this car photoshop effect, the product gets a 3D look and gives you a realistic feel as well.

Remove Reflection shadow

Sometimes you shoot your vehicle with a reflection shadow on the surface of it. In many cases, it looks great, but in some cases, it might not. Or when you shoot with that reflection shadow, it looks great on camera, but after transferring to the big screen, you see it's not. So the debate of whether car reflection shadow is good or not depends on the situation. But when it looks terrible, removing the reflection shadow is the only way to save your car photo. So remove the reflection shadow from your vehicle image and make it look awesome.

Car photo Color changing & Color Correcting

People love options, and for different people, the choice is different. If you want to attract all of your customers, you have to present your product in different variations and options. Product color is one of the significant deal-breakers as different people have different choices of colors. As an automobile dealer, if you can provide different color options to your consumer, there is a high chance of getting more sales. Shooting every variation of the car with different colors is a time-consuming task. You can use color-changing techniques in photoshop to give your vehicles different colors. Sometimes you can't bring the actual color of your cars, so in-car photoshop, you can use color-correcting techniques to fix this issue.

Car transparent background

If you wish to use your car image on billboards and posters, the car transparent background technique is for you. In this car, photoshop techniques experts remove the background of the car image and make it transparent. So later, you can use it on any backdrop you want. To make the background transparent accurately, the most important thing that you need to do is selecting the background precisely. You can use different selection methods that photoshop has to select the background and then remove it. Professional car transparent background service providers like us use the professional way to select things in photoshop that is the pen tool.

Why do you need to car photo editing service

Adding shadow has plenty of benefits that would let you increase your business. The shadow on the image makes it unique and sets it apart from the crowd. Moreover, additional shadows have become a new age tradition to make your image look more complete than ever. We have several reasons to show you that you should add shadows to your images. To be specific, e-commerce product images and commercials are the ones that get the highest return. It's all simple, and everything is a win-win situation for you. So, let's discuss the benefits of adding shadow to images.

When to use car white background adding service

If your vehicle image looks dull and mediocre, then your car background probably does not complement the foreground. In that case, you can use a white background for your car photos. You can use your car images for different purposes, such as making billboards, posters and adding them online. But to make your automotive images eligible for these uses, you require a white background for your photos. Images with white backgrounds perform better, especially online. The reason behind this is,
A solid white background with a perfect shadow keeps the focus of your consumer on the product.
● Consumers see the subject and no other distraction directly.
● With a white background, you can highlight smaller details and features also.

When not use car white background removal service

Using the car white background removal service every time is not a wise thing to do either. Before using this service, you have to determine if your image needs it or not. If your image does not require background removal, then you shouldn't do it. How would you know that your image does not require a solid white background? If your image completes the ultimate goal, you don't need to use any white background for the image in your car photoshop service. More specifically
● If the background compliments the foreground.
● If the image is not for online use
● If your client wants the background to stay
● If making the background white is not acceptable on the platform you want to use.

Car White background removal service with edit picture online

At Edit Picture Online, we offer the best in the business car photoshop service. We handle your automobile images with care and use only professional editors to work on them. Our highly experienced experts work day and night to provide you with flawless editing outputs. With our car white background removal service, you can stun your competitors. Our top-notch service is also budget-friendly, and we also provide the fastest turnaround service. We also take care of the safety and security of your vehicle images. We know how harmful it is for your business if your unique models get leaked. So we maintain proper safety and security while doing the post-processing of the images.

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Answer: For cut out a photo you can use a common tool of adobe photoshop. First, you have cut out the select areas in the photo you want to cut out by tracing it. When you trace around the shape of the car photo, you can move the selected area anywhere and can drag it to another part of the image or into a fully new photo.
Answer: Vehicle clipping path is the way of smoothing the edge of a car using a photoshop pen tool to remove objectionable parts from the car photo. It means inside the clipped part will be included in the final photo and anything outside the clipped part will be excluded. By using
Answer: Sometimes taken pictures' colors are not balanced due to different factors. The same for car photos too. Balancing the color combination is known as color correction. You can use adobe photoshop for that.
Answer: By this, you can improve your website by giving well-decorated car photos. it’s a client eye-catching method too. It also helps you to add missing parts from the car photo.