Faq's - Edit Picture Online

Edit picture online is a professional image editing company. We provide any type of photo editing and retouching service at an affordable price. Our professional designer working 24/7 in 3 shifts.

Answer: We have 50 hand draw brilliant and dedicated clipping paths staffs and they can easily do at least 1000 images in a day without any hesitation.
Answer: Resolve the Retouch in drop shadow services. The company is susceptible to adding more context and variety to product images that help it comes out better.
Answer: Yes, we do announce an offer for large amount images. Discounts depend on your quantity of photos.
Answer: Yeah we discount on bulk images orders from our clients. By discussing your volume of an image we will make a decision.
Answer: we provide numerous types of image masking services.Those are hair & fur, color, translucent, transparent, object masking etc.
Answer: We have a discount who will order a huge volume of images for the Masking service. For (500-1000) images we offer 5% and (1000-2000) images we offer 10% discount. For more, we will discuss and fix the rate.
Answer: we have personal web apps. You have to create an account there first after that you can upload your images. we have also we-transfer ,dropbox to get your images. For more info, you can knock us on website live chat, whats app or skype.
Answer: We do accept 200 payment getway.Paypal,payoneer,visa card,master card and any other of them.
Answer: Actually, e-commerce, Various types of photographers, Retail Business owners, Media, Ads agency and few other companies who are attached with image business, they need this service. For making up a photo properly clipping paths is needed very much.
Answer: Answer: Obviously we offer a free trial service to our clients that they can understand how capable we are. After that, if they will satisfy then we will start to do work with them.
Answer: Photo manipulation is an extensively used photo editing service. Announcing this service is Used for creating new things in a photo. By using this you can make business card, postcards, product brochures, web templates and various types of design. you can also use this for magazines, magazine cover, book covers, newspapers, advertisements,etc.
Answer: Sure we do our services for all types of E-commerce businesses. clients can also order our premium product photo retouching service.
Answer: Obviously, this service is available for every sector. if you wat it in a hurry the charge will be different.
Answer: Photo retouching is our one of the best service where we make sure your photo doesn’t have any flaws. By this, we remove all the flaws from photos like scratches, spots, dents from the image and make it look completely flawless and outstanding.
Answer: We charge the best price for various types of clipping paths service. Our beginning price starts from $0.30 per image. It will increase depends on image complexity.
Answer: Mainly Professional Photographers, E-commerce businesses owner, Model agencies, Magazine companies who need to present their images to their clients and who need these photos to be eye-catching for promotional purposes they need this service badly. By knowing what our clients want and our extraordinary retouching team is experienced and skilled. For this, we believe we are the best provider.