How to do symmetrical clothing in Photoshop

Symmetrical clothing in Photoshop has become essential part of product photo retouching. So, in this blog you will learn how to do symmetrical clothing in Photoshop in the easiest way. Before learn this you need to know what is symmetrical clothing and why is symmetry important in fashion? We have tried to cover all the major thing about dress symmetry in this blog.

What is symmetrical clothing?

Symmetrical clothing in photoshop is the most important factor of garments product selling. To grow sales, maximum e-trade clothing shop proprietors also are concerned about their product showcasing. Also, they do not like symmetrical clothing where one side isn’t similar to the opposite side. Currently, the symmetrical clothing technique is one of the notable trends. So, we will make the symmetrical clothing product more presentable through this editing technique. So, we will take an image of the fabric by using a ghost mannequin and extrude it right into a symmetrical photo to make it seem like a man or woman 3-dimensional scale version the usage of Adobe Photoshop. Clothes look fantastic on a model. But we will lead them to greater alive.

However, the background of the product isn’t like the perspective of an actual person. A human wears clothes. Moreover, the shape of a ghost mannequin isn’t that. An image may be converted right into a 3-dimensional view in this process. Many new technologies are getting used to generate the effect. However, that process continues to be in its tiny stage. The conversion of a picture graph right into a third-dimensional model wishes to experience. This technique calls for ability and accuracy.

In design, symmetry describes the even balance of objects:

One facet of a design mirrors the opposite, like a smiley face. Symmetry clothing brings stability, and there’s a purpose why that’s important: It’s smooth to appearance at. But you aren’t beholden to it. Understanding symmetry allows you already know while to apply the more significant playful asymmetry in designs with sides that don’t suit up. There aren’t tricky and rapid rules. In general, asymmetrical design in the Cloth is an excellent fit for delivering truthful information, including a deal with and perhaps the great desire for a business. Asymmetrical design frequently communicates kinetic motion and fun consider band fliers, zines, colorful clothing brands, or gyms.

Adobe designer and illustrator Kathleen Martin created variations of a social publish in Adobe Photoshop — one symmetrical and one asymmetrical — and talked to us via her design process. Get her editable exercise files from the hyperlink above and use the strategies defined underneath to create your unique designs.

How to do dress symmetrical in Photoshop

Dress symmetrical clothing in photoshop is a challenging task. Following this blog step by step, you will do that independently. Also, you can do symmetrical clothing in various techniques. Here, I will try to describe one of these. It is vitally needed to clothe retailers or garments owners. So, if you are a new one here. This is for you. Let’s dive.

Step -1: Open the file

As usual, first, you have to open the file in Photoshop. Go to the left corner and click on the file. Also, you can see the new option click there and get the desired file of cloth photo you want to make symmetrical clothing. Also, you can do dig and drop here.

open file in photoshop

Step -2: Duplicate layer

In this step, you have to create a duplicate layer. Then press CTRL+j and a duplicate layer is formed on your workspace. The whole work you do on the created layer.

Create duplicate layer in photoshop

Step -3: Liquify

Liquify Photoshop is mandatory on symmetrical clothing because to make the front and back accurate, you must use this tool in Photoshop. Also, you have to work both sides in symmetrical clothing photos to make symmetrical clothing accurate. The front and the backside indeed.

make symmetrical clothing accurate


In this process, you have to liquefy the file. Suppose there are any wrinkles, bumps, and unwanted things that have to be removed by applying to liquefy. Then press CTRL+SHFT+X, and liquefy will occur there. Do as you want to do, liquefy on your file. First, have to do the left side and right one. Then go for the ups and downsides because you have to be perfect the four-sided for symmetric. If the liquefy is over, then press the OK button. You do back on main Photoshop again.

Do symmetrical clothing in Photoshop

Step -5: Backside

You have to follow the same process as the fronts side. Also, just be sure that the front and back sides have to be the same to the same. If it is not the same, both sides do liquefy to match them again.

symmetrical clothing in Photoshop

Step -6: Clip the symmetrical clothing file

Clipping path the file of symmetrical clothing in photoshop here is this step. Also, By clipping the file, it will help you to get the exact measurement on symmetric. So you have to do both side clipping here. Go to the Toolbar option and select the pen tool. Selecting the pen tool will permit you to do the path on the file. You can press P to get a shortcut to the clipping path too.

Clipping path file of symmetrical clothing

Step -7: Mixed up the front and backside

Here you have to blend both sides. It’s a significant part of symmetric. Take the backside by dig and drop. Drop the backside upon the front. And try to match them up. If the back and drop sides didn’t match, we still had to liquefy for the backside. Also, have to press CTRL+SHFT+X to go on liquefy. You can see an option on their named backdrop. Then, by clicking on this, you can modify the backside of the file, which didn’t match the front. After matching the front and the back, press the OK button again on the right-down corner.

Final stage

If this stage, again, do match the front and backside, and this time both side will be symmetric as you remove all the inaccurate measurement as before. By chance, have there a few things to do, then use grid.

Save the file

Now it’s time to save the file. Press CTRL+S to save the file. Save the symmetrical clothing in photoshop file in two formats. One is .PSD, and another one is a jpg file. You will get your desired symmetrical clothing file as you want.

how i do symmetrical clothing in Photoshop

Why is Symmetrical Clothing in Photoshop important in fashion?

In this modern era, fashion plays a significant role. Nowadays, designers depend on symmetry to show their fashion to make this fashion more applicable. In short, garment symmetry is a fundamental idea of design that defines how a fashion looks and how it is made. In production, each style of fashion symmetry affects the marker modes chosen and the strategies of spreading and reducing that affect the fee of the product. Also, clothing can both be Symmetric or Asymmetric, relying upon the shapes of the styles of the Cloth. The aid of using style designers accompanies some standards. These are balance, proportion, rhythm, emphasis, and unity. Instability balance, sorts had been tackled, and the symmetrical and asymmetrical designs.

There is various use of symmetry in the fashion industry. Symmetrical balance, also known as formal stability, characterizes the equal “weight” of the designs while the fulcrum is performing because of the middle of the general look. In this manner, after the designs are split on the fulcrum, each facet has an identical placement of the elements. I will try to describe all of this here.

In fashion, photo editing symmetry plays a vital role. To show that every fashion product needs balance on this. The symmetry photo looks more stunning than the none symmetry one. Same as for the garments photo editing. In garments, they produce various types of garments products, and all of those products need to be symmetry as well. Adobe Photoshop helps to achieve this to you as you want.

Conclusion about Symmetrical Clothing in Photoshop

So what has brought on the fashion industry to include asymmetry as a classy fashion while symmetry is definitive to “beauty?” It seems that symmetry might also best be a need to the conventional interpretations of beauty. Tradition ought to be questioned. Fashion in the present-day global is predicated on new and interesting designs that regularly reject tradition. Tradition ought to be exercised as a constructing block for progression. Tradition must evolve below the working hand of creativity. The key is to layout asymmetry with balance in mind.

Even though it does not appear to be it at first, even our bodies are a bit asymmetrical. There is only a few cost to asymmetrical imperfection. And a few elements of our clothes too – there’s best one breast pocket on each in shape jacket. Yes, there’s a minority of those features. However, they play an essential part in interrupting and stabilizing the tiring symmetry.

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