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Create eCommerce image good looking by adding drop shadow Photoshop


Shadow effect is such an effective formula to use for eCommerce photos. Because shadow effects, including drop shadow, have powerful visual effects to attract customers. Drop shadow Photoshop transform your e-commerce images into crispy and attractive pieces. This service would make your product images look natural. Without it seems floating on virtual space. While it's a natural effect, it makes customers check the product itself. In turn, you get sales spikes for your product. To get better returns, you must check it out on your e-commerce platform as well. Going into a service provider would be enough if it feels out of your reach.

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• Clipping Paths
• Natural Shadow
• Keep Shadow
• 0.5 Feather Selection
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How It Works

What is drop shadow Photoshop?

The drop shadow approach is the desire to expand the shadow effect of the product that capabilities a faulty or faint shadow impact. At the same time, the background requires to be converted to maintain the best of the shadow. Embracing this contemporary era assists in obtaining quality work for the customer. It is one of the methods to make the pics appear more terrific appealing to their expert consumers. In a word, it's an innovative approach to deliver a brand new attraction to the picture graph. While used withinside the proper position & with the appropriate image designer.

The drop shadow in Photoshop is an effect where you create real-world-like shadow effects of objects. It's a great feature capable of creating dynamics even in neutral backgrounds. But you must have eligible knowledge about it.

The drop shadow is a non-destructive effect which means you could customize the shadow anytime. It lets you apply the shade according to the object's shape and the imaginary lightings. Adding shadow is a great feature that creates a non-floating effect on a plain background to any object. The result is not that graphic savvy option, and anyone should learn it within a few tries


Different types of shadows in Photoshop

Objects have kinds of shadows: solid shadows and shape shadows. What is a solid shadow? You are probably wondering. Solid shadows are shadows around an item that seems at the ground or on different gadgets across the object. It seems that appears in the thing itself. Both shadows are decided using the direction, distance, and range of mild sources. You can use the shape shadows in your item to offer you clues as to how a sensible, solid shadow will seem. Before you start drawing or creating your shadow in Photoshop, it’s vital to recognize how shadows work. Cast shadows become lighter and blurrier as they are added to the item.

You have several ways to add drop shadow photoshop elements in images. Some are a bit easy, and some are advanced as well. Thus, each one gives you unique shadow effects. Furthermore, adding drop shadow in photoshop requires a new process altogether. To help you out, below, we have listed and explained how you could get all types of Photoshop shadow effects. Among all the shadow effects, photoshop elements drop shadow is the most popular. It gives you the most dynamic and realistic approach to the shadow. However, we would also let you learn how to add all sorts of drop shadows on Photoshop easily.


Natural Shadow

Natural shadow means keeping the original shadow of the images. We get natural shadow because of the realistic mirrored image of light, and there isn't any synthetic contact in it. Keeping the actual shadow for your product snapshots is usually wise. Natural shadow is going with any product. It can be glass bottles, fashions, and some other products.

But every time, original shadows do not look nice. To create a natural shadow, you could use Clipping Paths around the image to select the object. Here you should keep the natural shadow of images. Then delete the background. You will get your picture with natural shadow as you want. After that, you need to use an eraser tool to make the shadow soften.

Works Done
• Clipping Path
• Natural Shadow
• 1.00 Feather Selection
• Soft Edge

Drop shadow

Drop shadow is a synthetic shadow that receives constant in Photoshop. The most crucial distinction between natural and drop shadow is the layers of shadows. Most natural shadows have a couple of layers that cross darker to lighter because the shadow is going a long way from the source. However, a drop shadow is created with Photoshop and no longer has a couple of layers of shadow in it.

To create a drop shadow in Photoshop, open your image and create a clipping path around the object. Afterward, make a background layer and set it under the layer with your subject. After that, if you want to add a drop shadow in photoshop, double click on the subject layer and check in the Drop shadow option.

Furthermore, customize all the given options with the preview option turned on. So, start adjusting the possibilities of the drop shadow according to your subjects and the background. Once you are done with all the options, click on the Ok button. The Drop shadow effect would get listed under your subject layer. You could further adjust it by right-clicking on the drop shadow and selecting "Create Layer." Then customize the layer and create a perfect shadow.


Works Done
• Clipping Path
• Drop Shadow
• 1.00 Feather Selection
• Soft Edge


Reflection shadow

Reflection shadow is a sort of shadow that displays the main fabric of your images. For example, if you capture a picture of a glass-made nail polish bottle for post-manufacturing paintings and need a reflection shadow on it, you could see a reflected bottle for your images. Interestingly, reflection shadow is going with nearly all sorts of images. Depending on clients' requirements, this will be carried out to any image you've got on your hands.

Check out the following guideline to create a shadow reflection deck for your product image. If you want to create a photopeak reflection, create a clipping path around your subject. Right-click on the path and choose the "Make selection" option. Choose the 0.5 feathers option and click on Ok on the dialog box. Then Press Ctrl + J. Then create a new layer with white color.

Then using the rectangle marquee tool, select the lower part of your product. Press Ctrl + T and rotate it upside down. Place the selection at the bottom of your product image. Afterward, use a gradient with a transparent color to pure white color and apply it to the patch. It would create an excellent product shadow photoshop effect on the image. Furthermore, it would make perfect reflection shadow photoshop for your product.

Works Done
• Clipping Path
• Reflection Shadow
• 1.00 Feather Selection
• Soft Edge

Cast shadow

The cast shadow is a Photoshop impact utilized in giving any photo a sensible vibe. The motivation at the back of the innovation of this approach became derived from nature. Naturally, while lighting falls on any item, the item leaves a shadow at the back of it. Photoshop used this concept to innovate an effect just like the cast shadow to make any photo look extra realistic.

If you want to cast a giant shadow of any objects, first lead it to Photoshop. Afterward, unlock the image layer. Using the pen tool, draw a path around your image subject. Then create a blank new layer. Add a solid color or gradient to the blank layer. Then Ctrl + Click on the layer thumbnail of your object layer.

Go to Edit menu > Fill, choose Black color, and click Ok. While selecting the selection, go to Edit > Transform > Distort. Now distort the black shape to imaginary lighting to create a cast shadow. Further, you could add Burr by going Effects > Burr > Gaussian Burr tocast a dark shadow along the subject. As an optional step, you could add a fading gradient to make it look realistic.

Works Done
• Clipping Path
• Cast Shadow
• 1.00 Feather Selection
• Soft Edge



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Which shadow services is the best for ecommerce photo?

Certain shadows are suitable for specific images. Not all shadows would look great in any photos. The appearance of the shadow determines the image environment and subject as well. To help you out, below, we are going over these shadow types and where they look great. If you use the wrong shadow in your image, it will not look perfect. On the contrary, matching the shadow effect would beautify your photographs as they fit the environment. The shadow could make or break the image view according to your attention.

That's why always select the best shadow effect according to your image. It would help you even if you go for a shadow creation service. The whole process will be seamless as you get to know in-depth about the shadow and its usage. If you want to try out yourself, the learning curve would be a lot simpler. Nonetheless, Knowing which shadow would match a specific image would be a massive benefit for your photography career. So, let's deep dive into all the available shadow effects and which one you should use.

Natural Shadow

The natural shadow always works great for a massive range of images. The natural shadow is a quiet dark area under a specific object. It's a significant effect that creates a realistic environment even in plain white background. The natural shadow creates a simulation where the light seems to be just upside the object.

Moreover, it creates a fantastic effect that attracts many eyeballs. The effect is excellent even in PNG transparent backgrounds as well. Moreover, creating natural shadows is far simpler than other ones on the list. The natural shadow provides you a real sense of lighting altogether. It's a basic form of shadow beneficial for products, humans, and other objects in the image.

Drop shadow

The drop shadow is an elegant and modern effect popular throughout the industry. You could feel the vibe of drop shadow on almost any commercial photograph. Starting from e-commerce product images, drop shadow creates an illusion where the object is attached to the background. For example, you could see a drop shadow around the Nike shoe image, and it looks marvelous.
No doubt, Photoshop drop shadow effects are excellent for your images. Product photography on plain and transparent backgrounds uses drop shadow all the time because it makes the image unique and attracts greater attention. The drop shadow works great on web pages as it creates a coherent visual effect throughout the website.

Reflection Shadow

The reflection shadow Photoshop works for objects, not for human models. The reflection shadow makes the image as if the object is sitting on a reflective surface. It's a wide and popular effect that provides a luxury approach to the image. But it simply is not feasible for model photography. It would look odd for any living being and does not match the aesthetics.
The reflection shadow is great for online advertising and marketing. If you own a product and want to sell it via an online platform, the reflective shadow would click. The reflective surface shadow makes it appealing and great to display, even jewelry products.

Cast shadow

The cast shadow is a distorted shadow effect according to the lighting angle. The cast shadow lets you show your subject in perspective to the lighting. The cast shadow creates an illusion as if the lighting is located in front of your subject. It's yet another shadow effect that works great in almost every image.
A cast shadow is a bit advanced shadow effect, and it takes time and skill to complete. Moreover, the shadow effect is unique and creates realistic lighting effects. Furthermore, it would let the viewer measure the scale of your image subject. In short, a significant impact you must have on images.
Undoubtedly, the above types of shadows are being used widely in photo advertising and photo editing. But Drop shadow Photoshop is perfect for eCommerce photography. It creates an outstanding view of your images.

What types of eCommerce images should add drop shadow photoshop?

If you own an online e-commerce store, you must add a drop shadow for your products. But to be specific, below we are listing down the products which would be best. These items go along with the drop shadow effects in a significant way. Thus, the image would look realistic and attractive at the same time.
Furthermore, Drop shadow Photoshop is a crucial weapon for any rising e-commerce platform. It makes the product image dynamic and elegant at the same time. So, it would help if you used the drop shadow effect on your e-commerce product images. The following products would give you an idea on which subject you should apply the drop shadow.


The sunglass's shadow on product images looks compelling. An expert sunglasses shadow designer could create a matching drop shadow Photoshop to attract customers. Thus, drop shadow would make it feel like the single is attached to on background.
It's an open secret; sunglasses with shadows make the image come to life. You could also check out examples as in Celine sunglasses thin shadow images.

sunglasses shadow service


The jewelry product shadow is vastly used in professional photoshoots. Even in jewelry advertising, you get to see drop shadow products effects. Moreover, product shadow png is suitable for web media usage as well.Photoshop shadow effect for jewelry images is like blessings. It lets you apply photoshop shadow under objects which blend into the background fast. So, it's worth using the effect in jewelry images.

jewelry shadow service


Handbags are one of the great examples of product shadow png effects. It creates a perfect visual for handbag products. The photoshop shadow effect on handbags lets you achieve a professional look. Thus, you could attract more customers than before.The shadow products images of handbags are great and let you increase revenue. You must not miss the chance to give your image a top-class look.

handbag drop shadow


Adding product shadow photoshop effects on Furniture is a great way to make it look realistic. Moreover, the future would create dynamic and unique aesthetics using Photoshop's shadow effect.
For example, the chair shadow photoshop effect makes the Furniture more appealing to viewers. Photoshop shadow effects on Furniture works nicely and perfectly blend into the image.

furniture shadow


Shoes shadow png on the product catalog always looks attractive. Most of the shadow shoe catalog features drop shadow beneath each product. The shadow shoes Parow catalog is one of the most common examples to go upon. With a perfect shadows shoe retreat, you could quickly revive your shoe product images. So, be sure to use it on your shoe images to get the best results.

footware shadow service

Benefits of adding shadow?

Adding shadow has plenty of benefits that would let you increase your business. The shadow on the image makes it unique and sets it apart from the crowd. Moreover, additional shadows have become a new age tradition to make your image look more complete than ever.

We have several reasons to show you that you should add shadows to your images. To be specific, e-commerce product images and commercials are the ones that get the highest return. It's all simple, and everything is a win-win situation for you. So, let's discuss the benefits of adding shadow to images.

Professional Drop Shadow Photoshop make an image money-spinning

A professional photo with decent shadow would let you generate double more clients than a traditional image. You would inevitably get a higher response with customized shadows that help you get higher profits.

That's why you should invest in professional shadow creation for your product images. Because the higher it looks unique, the better it would convert customers. The image would be a money-spinning piece for you.

Drop shadow Photoshop enhance the product Images view that drive sales

We all would agree adding shadows makes the image unique from normal ones. Thus, it would enhance the aesthetics of your product images. The viewers would feel the change among your pictures on websites.

Furthermore, it would let you drive huge sales, making it a lot more profitable. Driving sales have not been easy, but with custom shadows effects, now it's possible to achieve.

Drop shadow Photoshop can help build brand value

For the customer's attraction, you need to create diverse shadows on your images. As a result, your brand value would go higher than ever. It's a massive asset for you; even you don't have to break your bank to add top-notch shadow to your images.
As it is not an expensive task, it will create a strong brand value. Thus, it would let you grow your customer. Customers would be more likely to trust your products and purchase from your brand in the aftermath.

Drop shadow Photoshop at edit picture online.

We have a group of professional Photoshop shadow creator who knows how to add shadow to your images. We have a 24/7 platform where you get to add shadows in pictures via an online dashboard. So, if you want to get the best out of drop shadow Photoshop creation, check out the Edit Picture Online services.

In cases where you get any issue related to our drop shadow Photoshop result, we will get back to you quickly. Our experts would let you fast and efficient shadow creation regardless of your image types. It's an affordable and on-spot shadow creation service in one place.

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